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 You can add your Stock symbol here.     Your price here or if your symbol is blank
If your symbol is not valid you will receive an error message.   Then this will display the first 4 stock prices
from the list below.
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Add your stocks to analyze above.  I have added some that I am tracking below.

Pink are sell indicators Green or Blue are buy indicators.

The more indicators lit on a stock the more likely they are to be volatile.

Use as a guide.  I am not responsible for your gains or losses. 

This is a work in progress.

Symbol is the stock's symbol
Price Is the last traded price
MA_50_Day Is the 50 Dy Moving average
MA_50_Day_Percent Is the 50 Day percent change
MA_50_Day_change Is the difference between the current Price and the 50 day moving average.
MA_200_Day Is the 200 Dy Moving average
MA_200_Day_percent Is the 200 Day percent change
MA_200_Day_change Is the difference between the current Price and the 200 day moving average.
Ask_Price The Price shareholders are asking
Bid_Price The Price Buyers are offering for the stock.
P_E_Ratio The ratio of the price to the earnings.  (Price/EPS)
EPS Earnings per Share ( The amount of money earned per each share of outstanding stock.)
Dividend The amount of money returned to the shareholder as a separate payment over a year.
Year_Target The amount that the stock price is expected to reach in a year.
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest Taxes and Depreciation.  (Cash Flow)
Time Last Trade Time
Low_52_Week Lowest price in the last 52 weeks
High_52_Week Highest price in the last 52 weeks
Close Last periods closing price
Change Current price minus Closing Price
Strength The count of buy or sell indicators Above 6 is a strong indicator