Life is a Gamble, all you need are some chips and a drink.

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I am currently writing code that will examine different betting strategies, be patient, it is coming and I want to use it myself before I go back to the casino.

Beta of Betting program


Chip at Sams town Tunica  This is a picture of some chips at a Texas Hold'em table at Tunica MS Sam's town.

I had played for a few hours and turned a $200 buy in into about $800 counting the Paper hundreds under the chips.  Remember Money Plays in most

Casino's if the money is $100.00 bills.

Planet Hollywood Chips and Drink My last trip to Planet Hollywood in Vegas $200 becomes $600.00  counting paper money where

I sold a stack to another player for $100.00


West Virginia Dog track Chips 

$700 in chips July 11th 2009.  Charleston WV Dog track and poker room.  Buy in was max of $200.00

Took about 4 hours and was a lot of fun with some great opponents.




Copyright 2009 By Mark Church,  Clemmons NC